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a day in montréal (day 2)

We spent Sabbath morning watching some good old Loma Linda church service via the internet. We had grandous plans of making French toast but decided to keep it simple and eat some oats.

After we got read we went biking around the city towards Mont Royal. Then, we hiked up the hills.

We made it to the top!Oh these two. I don’t have any words.The weather was gorgeous. We got to see some really pretty views of the city.I wish I had taken a picture of this for a visual, but I didn’t so I’ll just have to describe it. As we were walking down the mountain, we saw these two people on cross-country land skis. Picture 2 foot long boards with roller blading wheels at either end, mounted to each foot with cross-country ski boots and bindings, plus ski poles in hand, gliding up hill. Say what?? Crazy! The longer we’ve been in Canada the more we’ve learned that Canadians LOVE their cold season. These folks were preparing for there winter activities, in particular, cross-country skiing. That’s what I call dedication. This proves that there are only two seasons in Canada, winter, and getting ready for winter. 🙂After the park we decided it was time for Jonathan and I to try poutine. Hmm. Well, it may not look that amazing, but it’s actually quite good. It’s fries, covered in gravy, topped with cheese curds. The place we went is so popular it’s open 24/7. We liked it so much we joked about going for “midnight poutine” almost every evening and finally, when Hollin returned from her trip, the boys rode out at 1 a.m. to get us all poutine. 😀

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