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a day in montréal (day 3)

Ok. Now it’s time to share some of the GLORIOUS treats in Montréal. It would be an understatement to say that we consumed our fare share of goodies while we were here. It’s amazing. There are bakeries around every corner. Breads, danishes, cream-filled, cheese-filled, custard-filled, berry-filled, whatever filled, decadent treats. There are even Chinese bakeries with an abudant supply of donuts, peanut filled cantaloupe mochi, and more. Not to mention our baking adventures of our own back at the apartment – oatmeal chocolate chip raisin cookies.

Since we were doing a lot of biking from place to place, here’s some photos of us in action. I decided that I love road biking in Montréal because it seems to be pretty safe and it’s actually very smart. Here, there are dedicated bike lanes, and not similar to those in the states. These bike lanes even have traffic lights! And both directions of the bike lane are on one side of the street. Most streets even have concrete poles as barriers so cars can’t get in even if they tried. Here’s us on the way to the bakery.

Ok, back to the treats. We parked our bikes and headed into what we would soon decide was our favorite bakery in Montréal. It’s very close to Hollin and Eric’s, and the prices are pretty good. The treats? Out of this world. I even went back in and bought another pistachio-almond filled croissant. This was a memerable experience because I went back in alone, with Canadaian coins in hand, and this cute little old French man spoke to me in French and served me a delicious treat. I just smiled (by this time of the trip I had figured out what enough French sounded like to make out what he was communicating to me), handed him my coins, and headed back outside.

A peak inside…THIS is the pistachio-almond-filled croissant I was talking about.

Eric tried an apple pastry. Also very tasty.
Then, what I might even say was my favorite. Pretty much a tart with the innards of the croissant, plus nuts, berries, and sour cherries on top. Wow.

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