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mt. washington

Mt. Washington, New Hampshire. Mysterious place in the White Mountains capable of creating its own weather. This is one place that I have wished to visit for many years. There are many rules governing vehicles allowed to drive up the mountain, of which Little House is excluded by two. First, Little House is too long. Second, Little House has an attachment (the camper). We devised a scheme where we would ask someone in line waiting in line to drive up the mountain and ask for a ride. It worked. We got a ride with an older couple from Georgia. They were kind enough to let us ride along with them. Unfortunately the top of the mountain was closed due to high winds (over 90 mph).

At 4000 feet up the mountain the road was blocked but there was a spot to pull over and get out. The temp was 37 degrees and wind speed was 50-60 miles per hour. Here are some pictures of the views as well as pictures of us braving the wind and cold. Here’s the couple who graciously took us up. Nice folks.Winds so high causing the water was turning to ice.
Fall was just starting to settle in (about 2 weeks behind schedule).
Little House waited patiently for us at the bottom of the mountain.

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