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Pictures don’t really do this ‘hike’ justice. Precipice is a non-technical climb (meaning you don’t need climbing gear). The park service has made provision for getting up the cliff by putting in iron rungs that you climb like a ladder. It rained the day and night before so there was water running down most of the interesting parts so the camera ended up staying packed in the bag for most of the hike. We were blessed to have wonderful weather for a few hours to do this hike and come back down (another way.) Taking the recommendation of another hiker we decided to not hike the trail up Cadillac Mountain – since you can drive to the top.

First photo is me standing at the base of one of the boulder fields that one navigates to get to the cliff face. The blue rectangle to the upper right of my right shoulder (stage right, house left) is a trail marker. The second photo is taken from up the face with the iron staple looking thing being a hand hold to help climbers come up over the lip of the rock from the right.

Here’s the view from part way up!Having fun.
This guy was in front of us climbing up one of the longer ladders. There was a waterfall coming down this particular spot so the camera was put away quickly. THE TOP! see the blue rectangle (middle of second photo)? We came from there.
Looking back down toward the parking area and the ocean. The road is the Loop Road that goes around the park, Little House is the white one farthest right. We are 0.9 miles from the truck at this point, much closer in a straight line, and 940 feet higher in elevation.The sky remained clear for a while and the lighting was great.One of the final ladders and a warning that we didn’t see until we were up at the top. Maybe it’s better that way.We made it!Proof. Looking north toward Bar Harbor.Little pools/ponds up on top of the mountain.Leaving Bar Harbor/Acadia we ran into some rain. It cleared up briefly and we were treated to this amazing sight. We pulled over and watched it evolve, at one point it was a full double rainbow. The thing with rainbows is they disappear as fast as they appear. In less than 5 minutes it was gone and we were back on the road again.

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