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April 25 – May 1, 2012

My time here went by too quickly. When I lived here I felt like the entire time I was there, people I knew kept moving away (that’s what happens in a college town). But it was quite refreshing to come back and almost not have enough time to see so many quality people! I ate at some of my favorite restaurants…Taco Mamacita, Sweet Basil, Urban Stack. I saw my sweet Jamie Ann. I went to an Iron & Wine concert with Rebecca, one of Jonathan’s cousins who was in town. I ran and hiked in the woods. I saw my Glee sister Shannon and her newest bundle, baby Reece. I got to hug my long lost office mate/twin Ashlea. I sipped coffee and shared stories with Victoria (regret that I did not capture that). I saw Shannon and Baby some more. And then again the next day. I could hug that little baby all day if she’d let me! I visited my old work place and filled my True North hug tank. I worshiped with my favorite church members. I visited with Jonathan’s grandparents, his parents, and his aunt, uncle, and cousin. What a small world that we were all there the same weekend! I drank tea and was showered with little gifts of love from Brittany (cough cough…I’m still waiting for that picture message of us). I saw my girl’s night girls, Katie + Melanie and their respective spouses and/or babies (but that’s the first time I actually brought my camera out so that’s tomorrow’s post).

I love Chattanooga. It feels more like home than any other place I’ve been. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but riding in on that bus and seeing the Tennessee river made my heart beat a little faster. 

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  • Tara - Monika! I’m glad your time in Chatt town was eventFULL! That place just warms my heart. Hope you are well friend!June 13, 2012 – 11:06 pmReplyCancel

  • monika - Thanks Tara! Glad to know that it warms your heart too. 🙂 See you guys in a couple weeks! Yay!June 26, 2012 – 11:13 pmReplyCancel

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