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Hi! We’re back. Finally. Sheesh! But to be honest, I got overwhelmed by the amount of events and pictures that I wanted to share, that I couldn’t get it all done. So, on our trip to Alaska last week, I spent countless hours catching up. There are about 30 or so blog posts loaded…and about 30 more that we’re working on. It’s very exciting though. I love this blog! It’s a great way to remember and share all the cool places we have been and will be going to. The last two days (I’m writing this on Friday, July 27, 2012) we spent on the boat, driving around the ocean off Prince of Whales island with my sister and family. We’ve seen SO MANY WHALES! Tons of bald eagles. And a handful of bears too. It’s very exciting. Anyway, more on that later. Here we go! Next up, Jonathan recalls our days with the cousins in Northern California.

May 5 – 8, 2012

Living in the bay area afforded us the opportunity of living near some of my cousins. When my contract was complete we headed back to visit them for a few days before we headed off again on the road. We are thankful to them for letting us park Little House at their place as well as lending us their truck while we were in the area as it was smaller and more maneuverable than Little House. We did lots of fun things: eating together, ‘pest control’, and attending my cousin’s baseball game. Miss you guys!

A rare view for us of Little House | Monika and Ann at Eric’s baseball game

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