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dalton day III

August 14, 2012

Well. There it is. Only about 140 miles beyond Galbraith Lake we rolled in to a pretty hard core oil field. Deadhorse, AK isn’t quite what you might imagine. It’s a town built for industry, by industry. There isn’t anything frilly about it. Amazing engineering went into and goes into building this place, that’s for sure. From building with refrigerated floors – to prevent the thawing of the perma frost, to buildings on stilts – to avoid the problem of needing a refrigerated floor. Ha.

The real deal. Unfortunately since the Dalton actually ends in Deadhorse, and Prudhoe bay is actually private property, you have to buy a seat on a tour bus to take you the extra 10 miles out to the bay – and subsequently the Arctic Ocean. You know, the reason you drove up here! The scenery is pretty industrial. Drill sites, buildings, pipelines, oh my. Then you get there. It’s quite unassuming. No waves. And shallow. At this time of year, because it’s shallow, it stays about air temperature. My lucky day. 40 degree water is my specialty.

Muskox we along the side of the road. Funny looking guy.Feeder pipelines. Each one is from a drill site of like 40 wells. Thats a TON of oil.Yes, it was that cold. Monika wasn’t just wearing the hat so the Russians would think she was on their side. Ha.Yup. I forgot my towel, so a swim was not on the to do list.I thin ki mentioned the dust and mud yesterday. This bike used to be black. And the camper used to be white.Can you tell which part is sealed off when the roof is down?GOBS of mud.Side of the truck. I think its actually a good thing. The mud builds up and provides a nice protective cushion against flinging rocks… I also wrapped hardware cloth across the front of the ‘Moose Guard’ to protect against rocks. I built quite an amazing bug collection in that thing.

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