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September 20, 2012

Zion! (haha). At this point we were starting to feel a little hiked out. We were going non-stop. Just about all day every day, so we took it easy in Zion. Plus is was so hot that we didn’t really want to be outside unless we were completely shaded. We were also a little bit of a mess here. Jonathan left his hat on the bus and lost it. I went an entire night without even realizing that I’d left my wallet in the gift shop. Thankfully the wallet was turned in! Anyway, we really did enjoy our time there. We hiked around the Emerald Pools and I dreamt of tasting a Candy Corn Oreo (this is where the search began). The views were incredible and I really want to make a trip back here to hike in the Narrows. Leslie? Kaitlin? Kate? Jamie Ann? Dorkis? Any other hiking friend’s I’ve missed? LETS HIKE THE NARROWS.

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