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new orleans + an update

Early March 2013

Hi Friends! So we made it to New Orleans. We met with some lovely new friends who generously opened up their home to us as we tried to acclimate to the area and find a home. Thanks Chuck and Lois! Our new friends live close to the Lake Pontratrain, so I made an effort to go running as many mornings as I could. After months of running by the beach I was so happy to not have to completely say bye to the water!

Jonathan and I searched for DAYS for a place to live. Apartments. Houses. Lofts. Tiny places. Big places. After driving to what seemed to be all edges of the city, we still found nothing. We were feeling pretty down about it so we decided to go on an adventures for midnight beignets. Morning Call is open 24/7 and it’s in the middle of a big beautiful park. Not that we could really see much at this hour. Hah!

Upon returning home from this outing we got some news that ended up completely changing our plans to move here. After we calmed down from the initial shock, we decided to make the most of our remaining few days in New Orleans and play. After all, we’d been doing so much house hunting that we’d barely had any time to do anything fun! Here’s a photo of Jonathan playing with our new friends, Aussie and Zoe. Don’t worry, we didn’t keep them. 😉 And next to that, here is a photo of me riding a bike by the lake with Lois’ New Orleans appropriate helmet – complete with a fuzzy tiara. That plus my super cool tie-dye sunglasses and you’ve got a real winner. Oh my, looking at it again I’m second guessing my choice to post that photo. LOL! And lastly, a meal with our friend Reo. He kindly introduced us to some yummy restaurants. This was also the night he convinced me to join him on the St. Patrick’s Day 8k happening that weekend. Needless to say, I got so excited about the idea that I signed up right away. Here we are dinning (and celebrating the upcoming run) in Sukho Thai. We did manage to get some pretty good eating in, and was also given recommendations to many restaurants we weren’t able to try. I’ll be sure to share all of those in an upcoming post.

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