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our home for the summer

May 25 + 26, 2013

We’ve finally settled into our little apartment for the summer. We only brought complete necessities, and everything we brought fit in my little hot rod with lots of room to spare. Seems like each trip we go on we downsize, a lot. The reality is, each time we go on an adventure like this, we always bring too much. And lets be even more realistic. We ALWAYS find some treasures that we’d like to bring back “home” with us. Heh. Anyway, this time we brought some clothes, shoes (maybe too many shoes), bedding and towels, Jonathan’s computer, all the gear I need for my business, some stickygram magnets that I won for the fridge, our mini projector and Roku, random bathroom items, sleeping bags and minimal camping gear. And of course our bikes. 🙂

We managed to furnish our apartment using Craigslist, Thrift stores, and generous family members. So we’ve got a sweet couch, a bed, a kitchen table, kitchen essentials, and a SWEET vintage projector stand that I’m super-duper in love with. It’s most def coming home with me for those summer movie nights on the lawn that I’m already planning for years down the road. We’ve also got a pool, complete with misters to help cool one off on hot days.

We live right around the corner from all of the main city buildings in one direction and a park with Saturday morning farmer’s markets in the other direction. All of the streets are lined with happy trees and I’m already enjoying it here. Jonathan has been riding his bike to work every day and I’ve been catching up on all sorts of graphic design projects so I’m feeling pretty good. We have lots of little trips planned for this summer. I’m excited to get going on them so I have more to share on the blog. For now, here’s some snaps from a late afternoon walk exploring the city.

PS – I only made it halfway across this old train bridge. It’s very old and when I looked down to make sure I wasn’t about to fall in the river all I could see was the water RUSHING by underneath me. The fact that I even made it half way across is pretty incredible. I guess it’s safe to say that I have acrophobia. Either way, Jonathan is pretty cute. And way braver than me.


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