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the best birthday surprise, to date.

April 19-22, 2013

Little did Brittney know, our little birthday bash in Atlanta was not all of it. Melanie, Dorkis, Brianne and I had been scheming for months under extreme secracy to surprise Brittney in Vegas for her 30th birthday. To the point where we could hardly talk with her in fear of the plan slipping out.

The plan was incredible. Melanie convinced her to join her for a “business trip” in Scottsdale. I just “happened” to be flying out of Atlanta the same day as them for a “photo session” in Napa. Dorkis and Brianne would meet us there. B happily drove me to the airport for my “flight” that left an hour before hers. Meanwhile, I RUN to the gate. Beg them to let me pre-board so I can hide on the plane while B and Mel hop on. They kindly obligde to my request. Melanie stalls so much that the plane practically has to wait for them. Oops!

Fast-forward to midway through the five hour flight. I have to pee terribly but can’t get up from my seat in fear of B seeing me, so I decide my only option is to fall asleep. And with my mouth wide open (apparently)! B decides she needs to use the rest room so Melanie LEAPS in front of her and says “Oh! Me too!” Mel then proceeds to wave her arms in the air like a crazy woman to get my attention, only to walk by me and see that I’m completely out. B doesn’t see me, so we’re still safe. As soon as B enters the rest room Melanie stumbles down the isle, jerks me awake, mutters something to me (later I learn that she was warning me), and disappears back to her seat. I’m delirious and in the back of the plane so it’s loud so I’m just looking around trying to figure out what just happened. Heh, then she walks RIGHT in front of me and I about die. But somehow, SOMEHOW she doesn’t see me. My heart races the rest of the flight.

We land in Vegas. Their “connection” to Phoenix has mysteriously disappeared and I’m hiding behind a pillar texting B that I’ve landed safely to my connection in NYC. Melanie turns green with panic and B decides to go get Mel some food to calm her down. Our plan to stall until Dorkis arrived wasn’t going to work, so we decide to just tell her now. Mel hooks back up with B, they stop to look at her phone and I pop around the corner. Surprise! Poor thing was so confused. As soon as she figured out what was going on she started FREAKING out. We decided not to tell her anyone else was coming – so she could have surprises all day.

We headed to baggage claim and stalled until Dorkis came walking down. Brittney was so happy she cried!

We grabbed a taxi and headed to our hotel, The Palazzo. Mel and B went in to get our room stuff figured out and Dorkis and I caught up on a luxurious couch out front. Tim Allen walked by, no big deal. HAH! It was a big deal. We were pretty star struck. So much so that we just sat there.

We got word from the girls that we were ready to go so all headed up to the room. And WOW! What a view! Mel slipped the concierge a twenty and he gave us a room upgrade. Secrets of the trade right there!

We spent the rest of the evening scoping out the hotel, ate dinner, and B finally decided it was time to crash about midnight. Knowing that Brianne was almost there, we started a pillow fight and jumped on the beds. B thought we for sure had gone nuts until Brianne walked in. 🙂

The rest of the weekend was full of extreme highs, excellent food, late night story-telling, relaxing by the pool, a couple shows and lots of starring out our hotel window. We explored all of the prettiest hotels and the garden exhibit in the Bellagio blew my mind. The restaurants we tried were amazing … I’ll be sharing another good eats post later this week all about where we ate. All in all, I think we pulled off the best surprise birthday of our life time. Brittney is STILL beaming about it. As are we!


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