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mammoth day two // lets hike!

July 5, 2013

So the adventure began at 8 a.m. eight miles south of Mammoth Lakes at the McGee Creek Trailhead.. It was a beautiful morning hike. We saw lots of wildflowers and little lakes and streams. It wasn’t too long before the heat started to pick up and our bodies started to slow down. Living close to sea level makes climbing from 7500 feet a bit intense, even if we had a day to climatize. Rika and I shared a constant flow of conversation, plus some serious admiration of Kevin + Randi who were booking it up the trail. At some point I caught up with Randi and she and I wandered off the trail (oops). We eventually stopped, thinking surely we should be there already. We sat on an unknownling sap-covered rock (grr) and watched a couple marmots playing on some rocks in the distance. Pretty soon the rest of gang was within ear shot and Kevin came and lead us back to where we were supposed to stop. Hah. So by about 3 p.m. we made it to our first stop at Big McGee Lake. We were so tired that we decided (perhaps foolishly) to call it a day and set up camp.

After some playtime and water pumping at the lake, we ate a feast of kings complete with rotini pasta in a garlic sauce with fried onions and zucchini. The boys thought we were crazy to bring “all” this food, but I think our bellies were happy. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for the mosquitos to come out, and in full force, so we bundled up in long sleeves and pants. As soon as we finished dinner we migrated into a tent and proceeded to play a game of Rook. We played a few rounds until hilarity ensued when we realized we were missing some key cards and the game could not continue. With nothing else to do (can’t build a fire, mosquitoes taking over, etc.), we decided to call it night and actually all crawled into our sleeping bags before the sun even set! Zzzz…

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