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san francisco // day one

July 28, 2013

Oh man, seems like ages since we’ve been in the city (here and here)! This time we decided to bring out bikes and get around the city that way. It was a little scary, Jonathan even had a near hit with a vehicle, but we survived. I have to say, spending a few hours (or two days) biking around a city can make one feel pretty tough. By the end I was swervin’ and yelling at cars (and yelling is¬†so not in my nature).

Anyway, the Renegade Craft Fair¬†happened to be going on on Sunday so we headed there first after our ferry ride over. We wandered for quite some time. I collected random promotional materials for my design journal and Jonathan meticulously inspected the craftsmanship of the items being sold. Being so craft as he is, he’s quite particular when it comes to stuff like this. It just makes me smile.

It was so chilly that we stopped frequently for hot drinks. I decided since we were biking as much as we were, to treat myself to soy chai lattes and we gorged on pizza for dinner. Well deserved I might add – we DID make it across the Golden Gate Bridge (biking across this has been a dream of mine!) and even up to the top of the hill for the best view of the bridge.

Silly guy! I think Kaitlin said something like “show how you feel about biking around the city with your love.” Hahaha.


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