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This has been quite the journey.

We dreamt about traveling long before we even got married. We stored away our pennies and finally made the big leap in August of 2011. Can you believe it’s been more than 2 years since we packed up our house and moved into a truck camper?? Wow. This journey has been beyond amazing and it’s hard to believe it’s coming to a close. It felt so scary to leave the comforts of our lives in Tennessee that summer and now it was starting to feel like a whole new kind of scary! When we left we weren’t sure how long we’d be “gone,” but knew we wanted to finish our trip in Costa Rica, where we honeymooned in 2009. Once Jonathan found out that he was accepted into a graduate nursing program in Central Florida, we looked at our calendar and booked two tickets to Costa Rica for two and a half weeks (!!!). It was an open invitation for any of our friends to join us, and lucky for us, Dorkis + Ben said yes! We figured out our schedule and decided the best time for us all to leave was mid October. That gave Jonathan and I about 10 days to travel from Northern California to Southern California to Texas and finally to Florida. Then this meant we had about six days to try to find a place to live before we left for Costa Rica! Ahh! The pressure was on. All we had was my jam-packed car, some dear friends who let us crash at their place, and piles of Craigslist and housing listings to sift through.

As always, housing is a bit more expensive than you’d like it to be. So finding a place that felt like home, while still being in our budget, proved to be a challenge. We were racing the clock and the day before we left for Costa Rica we found the perfect little house. It’s close to school and there is a fabulous lake just a few houses down. Trying to keep all nerves at bay, we spent the morning of our flight signing paperwork, praying it wasn’t a scam, and packing up our things before finally hopping on a plane. When I think about it now it was all kind of crazy. Time was FLYING by. Signing your life away and then traveling to a different country may not be the best idea! Haha. But all in all, we were as excited as ever. Now we had new things to dream about. How to decorate the house, gearing up for school, and me launching my graphic design + photography business full time.

But lets be real. As soon as we got on the plane, we were about to be in Costa Rica for two and a half weeks. All that planning could wait just a bit longer, right? YOLO!

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