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October 27 – November 3, 2013

So Ben + Dorkis left on Saturday and we moved to a little bed + breakfast a few blocks from our first house. They took El Sapo with them to the airport, so we rented bikes for the rest of our time. We took the bus to Manzanillo one day soso we could hike around. That’s where this first picture was taken. So beautiful! It’s just nuts how much I love this place.

Jonathan and I laid really low this week. I had messed up my back, so I was trying to take it easy and allow my body to heal. We played a lot of cards, read some books, and made friends with some of the locals – Hungarians included! By mid-week I was feeling 10000% better, so I spent the rest of every waking moment in the water. I always knew I was a water baby but my oh my, please don’t ever make me leave!

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