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it’s so hard to leave

October 4-6, 2013

Ah. That water. I almost don’t feel like I need to write anything else!


Here are a few pictures from our last few days in Costa Rica. I was beyond sad to leave that glorious water, but left feeling refreshed and thankful for all the beautiful memories we created here. Is it bad that I want to go back? Even though there is so much more to see in this world? Haha. I think all I need is some pretty water, sunny skies, a snorkel to see the colorful fish, Jonathan, and I’d be a happy camper just about anywhere. So maybe I’ll end up really liking Florida? Haha.

So we checked out of our bed + breakfast (which ended up just being a bed, but that’s a different story) and walked a mile or so down the gravel road to our bus. We made plans to connect with some friends who were studying at a language school in Costa Rica on our way home, so we took the bus to their town. We had so much fun we ended up staying two nights with them! We played with the kids, went on a couple hikes, experienced a down-pour-turned-blackout and ate some delicious homemade lemon cookies. It was so nice to re-connect as Nolan, Konika, Benjamin + Sydney have since moved to Peru as missionaries! Be sure to check out their blog¬†and see what amazing things they are doing!


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