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the pacific coast highway

October 5, 2014

Ok. This day may have been my favorite day of our whole trip. I mean, don’t get be wrong, I loved Hawaii, and I LOVED Alaska, but there was something magical about the coast this day. The colors were unreal. It was almost like I had never realized how beautiful California is! We started the trip in Salinas, CA and took our time driving south. We jammed to fun music in the car. We stopped and watched some divers coming out of the water, only to see a few whales blowing in the background (!!!). I’m so thankful for moments like these, I can’t even tell you. As the sun started to dip down, we were nearing Malibu. There aren’t too many places to stop along this part of the road, so we pulled over just in time to watch the sun set behind the water. Pure magic! I will never, ever, forget this day. God’s beauty was just shining through the ocean that day. And there was something special about taking the time to slow down and just drive for hours and hours. Heh, I guess it felt a little bit like home after living in our Little House.



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