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a day in new york city

Ahh. New York City. What a magical place.

Neither of us had ever been before. First off, we of course did NOT bring little house with us. We’re not that crazy. 😉 Our friend Victoria graciously put us in touch with her mother, who lives just outside of the city, and she kindly agreed to host us and park little house on the side of her home. It was a tight squeeze, but Jonathan’s gotten really good and getting the little house to fit in tight spaces. Anyhow, we stayed the night with Maureen, then took the train into Grand Central Station in the next morning. We arrived to gorgeous weather and were so excited to spend a few days touring the city.

I made sandwiches before we left, so when we arrived we walked straight to Central Park, found a nice rock to climb, and settled in for lunch. We had the perfect view for people watching. After that we walked around and over to Times Square just to see what we thought. Jonathan bought a falafel from a halal cart (yum) and we continued on our way. We also searched Craigslist and found someone across from the Empire State Building to fix my cracked phone screen. Yay! Anyway, on to the photos…

A little bit of Glee and New Girl goin’ on downtown.We also ran into my friend Agi, who I actually haven’t seen for 13 years. We met in Hungary, as her family was vacationing next door to my aunt and uncle’s while I was visiting for the summer. She spent the past few months living in the states and was in New York for the day, as she was flying back home to Hungary the next day. Fun! And what a small world!Next we met up with my friend Tori whom I went to high school with. She’s going to school in New York (lucky girl) so we met up in a coffee shop. It was a short visit and I’m sad we didn’t photograph it. She suggested we try Artichoke pizza, so we went the next day. After visiting with her we took the subway under the river into Brooklyn for a Stars concert. We’d been looking forward to this concert for some time, and was partly dictating the pace of our trip. Here’s from photos from the concert.

We sat upstairs at a table and drank water and munched on sunflower seeds during the show. It was awesome. The band played some new songs and we relaxed (while also jamming) after a day of hoofing it around the city. During the show we finally booked a hotel for the night. We’d been searching for a place all day – couchsurfing, airbnb, travelocity, you name it we tried it. Nothing was quite in our budgets but I knew we’d eventually find something. And we did. At about 9:30 p.m. we decided to book a night at the Best Western through a handy app called Hotel Tonight. With a sign up bonus of $25, we spent just over $100 for the night. And it was suuuuper comfy. And the bathroom was so clean (and big). I rejoiced. We stayed up too late watching terrible tv and movies just because we could. And then we slept in, just because we could (and the bed was a-MAH-zing). It was nice to endulge a little, for the first time on our trip. 🙂

Oh. And then I have to mention. After the concert we walked a few blocks in downtown Brooklyn to the bus stop. This was supposed to get us a little closer to our hotel. Well, the fee was exact change, and I was still counting coins together when the bus arrived. Bus driver rushed us on and told us we could pay after we were on. Well, I got the money, but then learned we needed exact coinage, not my dollar plus coins. Oh well. He was nice enough not to kick us off. So there we were. I looked out the window and was surprised to see so much activity going on outside on a Tuesday night, well past midnight. All we could see were Hasidic Jews, fully dressed up, setting up for their midnight markets (or at least that’s what we could tell). It was amazing! Hats, people pulling things out of their car trunks, setting up flowers, food, you name it. I’d still like to know more about this if a reader on here has an insight as to what we saw.

By this time we had missed our stopped, so we asked the driver if he could just drop us off right then and there. Once again, he was kind and we found ourselves even closer to the hotel than had we not missed our stop. A couple streets over and ta-da! Hotel sweet hotel.

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