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rhode island

I’ve always wanted to visit Rhode Island. I couldn’t tell you why, except that it might have something to do with learning about states in 4th grade living in California. I remember Rhode Island and Louisiana. For some reason, by 9 year old little brain wanted to see what those places were about. Now, 14 years later, here I am.

And what do I have to say about it? It’s beautiful. We happened to be there on the most perfect day. We stopped at a park and enjoyed some breakfast, walked to the water and played in the sand. We drove on and on and I swear I was in love. We drove through pretty quickly, and it was much too packed in Newport so we decided to instead put in on our list of “WE MUST GO BACK HERE.” We did however, venture a little farther west, on the other side of the bridge to Jamestown and played in the various coves. We saw snorkelers and lots of sun bathers. Families with umbrellas and picnics, sunbathing in the warm air. Here’s some of what we saw on our mini adventure/hike along the rocky waters of Rhode Island.

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