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And it’s December. Oh how the time flies!

October 1-3, 2012

After the Grand Canyon we made a few quick stops. We visited Mesa Verde in the pouring rain (still very cool). We stopped in Albuquerque for a few days. But really, we moved pretty quick because the thought of being “home” in Tennessee was on the brain, and we were excited for make a stop in Dallas for a few days. We were here last fall, and lucky for us Chris and Suzie had some free time so we stopped in again, this time for a birthday visit. It was raining here too, but we made the most of it. We went to Korean Karaoke. Amaaaaazingness. We went speed bowling. Hiliaaaaarious. We tried some yummy restaurants. Always a good choice. And we played some games. We had a great time! And for those of you wondering what speed bowling is …

SPEED BOWL: It’s a game we invented when we realized that we weren’t very good at bowling, and we only had 10 minutes left to finish our game before our lane expired. The idea is as soon as your name comes on the board, you RUN to get your ball, then bowl as fast as you can. It’s definitely a way to generate a LOT of laughs. I once ran so fast that accidentally passed the line and slipped on the waxy floor. I actually went airborne and landed on my rear, but that just made it even more funny. The main drawback however is the typical maximum score achievable when speed bowling. The second picture is a pretty good representation of how bad accuracy suffers when engaging in a round of speed bowling. On the plus side, the ball is usually traveling fast enough that it will sometimes hop back out of the gutter and hit a pin or two. 🙂

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