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emerald pools, berries, and 75¢ tacos

July 19-21, 2013

What a fun weekend! Our friend Bess came to visit and we made sure to do lots of exploring. First, Jonathan took us to the little town of “Rough and Ready.” When I called him from my Mammoth hike, he was here. Heh. Don’t ask why, but hey there is a nice spot next to a fresh spring with TONS of black berries. We picked and ate until we couldn’t anymore. Then we filled a giant water bottle with berries and took them home to make a cobbler.

We also spent a day at Emerald Pools. It’s somewhere along the upper north fork of the Yuba River here in northern California. It’s a short hike in, and the water is FREEZING, but it’s so pretty you can’t help but jump in and swim. 🙂

Before Bess drove home, we took her to lunch at Antonio’s Quick Lunch in Yuba City. 75¢ tacos that are fresh and the salsa is out of control good. It might look like a hole in the wall, and it is, but it’s my favorite taco place. 🙂


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