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Hi Friends! Happy October! If you’ve stuck around (thank you), then you know I’ve been a little MIA the last week or so. Things have been crazy here. I spent the last 48 hours of my life launching a new website for a client (26.5 hours), packed up our little apartment here in Northern California (10 hours), snuck away for a super fun dinner date with my hubby (1.5 hours), and slept (12 hours). Woo! I’m exhausted. And my favorite little blog here has been neglected. 🙁 So sorry friends!

Anyway we are headed on to our next adventure (more on that soon) but until then we have lots more fun planned. Including: spending a few nights in a cabin in the woods with friends, driving down the coast to Southern California (!), road tripping back across the county, a trip to COSTA RICA (!!!), and lots more. We are trying to jam pack as much fun as we can before the next chapter starts. But of course, that will be fun too. Because I’ll be with my favorite person in the whole world. Too cheesy? Haha, I like it. 😉

Sometime in the next week or so I hope to overflow this blog roll with all sorts of  goodies from adventures this summer. Including a quick trip into SF that included so much fogged we ditched it after breakfast and explored beautiful Saulsalito (pictured above).

See you guys soon !



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